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All of our dishes are freshly made to order, some items may take longer than others but this is only so we can ensure they are perfect for the best dining experience. If you are short of time please ensure to let us know at the start of your visit. (v) Suitable for vegetarians. (N) Contains nuts or nut oils. Although dishes without this symbol are made without nuts, there is a possibility that traces of nuts may still be found in them. Please watch out for stray olive stones Gf The GF symbol refers to gluten-free dishes made with appropriate measures in place to avoid contamination with gluten as accredited by Coeliac UK.Unfortunately, though, it is not possible for us to guarantee our busy kitchens are 100% allergen/contamination free. The ABV% on alcoholic drinks are correct at time of printing this menu, however may be subject to change. Please speak with your waiter for more details. An optional service charge of 12.5% is added to tables of 7 or more adults.

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Casa Nostra Restaurant

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